Saturday, July 21, 2012

Latest Update for Halal Iftar 2012

Wow, it has been so long that I did not update this blog. Forgive me for the haitus. Have been busy with work and family matters.

Nevertheless, Ramadan is here and here the list of Halal eateries for your iftar dining.

For that grand iftar at hotel establishment, of course you can go to the usual halal restaurant  but do make your reservation earlier as they are a favorite place for Muslim to break their fast. I list down their telephone number for your easy reference.

Carousel @ Royal Scotts Hotel
Tel: 67377966

They have a Taste of Spain theme during this holy month of Ramadan. Buffet for dinner is SGD$78++.

Another favourite is Tiffany @ Furama City Centre Hotel

Their iftar this Ramadan features a spread of Salmon Caulabic with Dill Mustard Cream, BBQ Sambal Stingray, Hot Chempedak Brulee and many others discerning palatabe dishes. Contact them for your reservation at

Tiffany @ Furama City Center
Tel: 65333888

Their price for the iftar is SGD$52.80++ for adult and SGD$23.80++ for child age 3 to 11 years old

Furama Hotel chain at Riverfront have a halal eateries Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant for you to go if Tiffany is overbooked. Kintamani offers some to die for dishes like Chilli Crab, Boneless Grilled lamb leg and sirloin steak to satisfy your hunger from a whole day of fasting.

Kintamani Indonesia Restaurant @ Furama Riverfront hotel
Tel: 67396463

Their price is SGD$55++ and thats include a free flow of the irrestible Es Bandung.

That all folks, for now. Will update later.

Selamat berbuka

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Halal Dim Sum in the East

Looking for Halal Dim Sum in the Eastern part of Singapore?. Yes, you can easily get Halal Dim Sum in the East of Singapore. This eatery has been operating quite some time but does not have so much publicity.

I was craving for Halal Dim Sum after my trip from HongKong but was too lazy to travel all the way to Hongkong Hara Dim Sum at Bt Timah, and a friend suggested that I go to Tang Tea House Hong Kong Cafe at Bedok Road.

There are hundreds of choice of Halal Dim Sum that you can try at Tang Tea House. You can be spoiled for choice on what to eat. Prices are reasonable. I had steamed carrot cake, chicken pau, dumplings and some others which I hardly know how to pronounce the name. You can view the menu and the picture of the dim sum. Just point at the picture to the waiter who is readily waiting with their PDA for orders.

Oh, by the way, if you are not a Dim Sum fan but is being invited to Tang Tea House Hong Kong cafe to dine with friends, worry not. Beside Dim Sum, they have other varities on the menu. Try their Hokkien Mee or if you fancy Western food, there are aplenty to choose from the menu list. Another thing, so far, a few times that I had patronised this place, service is fast and friendly.

Here is their address:
Tang Tea House Hong Kong Cafe
No 357/359 Bedok Road
Singapore 469545
Tel: 64459100

By the way, if you can't locate them, look for Simpang Bedok Singapore Post Branch - they are just opposite.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Halal Foodcourt - Flavours@TP

I had a privilege to be invited to an all halal food court which is located at Temasek Polytechnic for lunch. The food court is called mailto:Flavours@TP.

There are 8 food stalls selling varieties of foods. All stall have their own Halal certificate which is prominently display at the stall. As it is located in a polytechnic, the price ranges for the food is very much reasonable.

What kind of food serve there?. First, there is this stall selling cakes and other bakery stuff. Then next to it, is a Yong Tau Foo stall . A malay food stall selling mee rebus, mee soto and lontong plus other nasi padang. A western food stall selling spagetti, chicken chop, spring chicken and accompany soup of the day. Beside it, another western food like pizza, pie and the sort. A chinese stall selling fried slice fish soup, claypot slice fish and seafood tomyam soup. You can have a choice of rice or bee hoon to go with your soup. They also sell claypot rice here. The next stall sell varieties of stir fried noodles like hokkien mee, crispy noodle. They also sell Ayam Penyet and different kind of fried rice. For side dish they have carrot cake which I must tell you is very yummy. I had this and tomyam slice fish soup with bee hoon. (oopss, forgot to snap a pix, too hungry that moment).
The last stall at the food court is an Indian stall selling Indian rojak, Roti John and others indian foods.
At the centre of the food court, the is a drink and dessert stall. I love their desserts, which is reasonably price. I had cheng teng at only 80 cents a bowl. You can also buy pau and siow mai at the drink stall if you just need something light. Its only cost 60 cents for a BBQ chicken pau.

When my host has to leave for work, I requested to be left at the food court to take a closer look at all the stalls to know more on what they are selling. Indeed too much varieties that I think I dont have the time to write them all here. But one thing for sure that I can share with you, the prices are extremely cheaper. Plus I understand that the public are also allow to patronise the food court. But let me remind you, they are close on weekends.
So for those who stay in the eastern part of Singapore, have a try when you are stuck or bore with the existing food centre or outlets.

It is located at Temasek Poly, near the East Gate entrance. You can ask the security guard for the exact location of Flavours@tp
ps: I was too overwhelm by the carrot cake and the dessert stall plus the prices of the food, that I ordered a take-away for my dinner. Please bring your own container if you wish to 'tapau' food as the vendors charges 20 cents for each container.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Halal Makan - Halal Steamboat

Most of you will agree if I said that Singaporean favourite pastime is Makan. In every corner of the island, a restaurant is easily accessible. It is not to much if I said that Singaporean will dare to travel for good food. I knew, cause I'm one of them.
According to sources, the number of eateries getting their establishment to be certified Halal had increased. It seems, with Halal status, it helps to boost their income.
Okay, in this posting, let me introduce to you Singapore First Halal Ala-Carte Steamboat. The restaurant that provide Halal Steamboat is New Hawa Restaurant at Queen's Street. They had been offering the halal steamboat since July 2008. I bet not many people knew about it.

So here is what they offer.

You can have a choice of two different base of soup. The steamboat is serve ala-carte. The price ranges from $0.60 to $4.50 for an ala-carte set. You can DIY your choice or if you are in doubt, choose their set to compliment your choices. I did that upon their suggestion and were satisfied.

The restaurant also provide a variety of seafood dishes and some vegeterian choices. In case you have some guest or friends that can wait for the food to be cooked, you can always order something while waiting for the steamboat to really 'steam' you up.

Here is the address:

Block 261 Waterloo Street,
#01-08 Waterloo Centre.
Tel: 63370355
Open from 11 am to midnite.

How to get there:

If you are travelling by bus, it is best to stop infront of NTUC Centre at Bras Basah Road. Walk in the street next to POSBank and Singapore Art Museum (SAM). I think that street is Queen Street. The restaurant is the same row as the SAM.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Halal Makan Singapore Hotels Restaurant

Now is Ramadhan month for the Muslim Calendar. During this month, the Muslim fast during the day. Fasting is abstaining from any food intake from dawn till dusk. Most Muslim in Arabic countries will feast when breaking their fast. Nowadays, the Asian region particularly Singapore and Malaysia counterpart, do also feast with buffet at hotels restaurant.

In Singapore, there are some Halal Restaurants in Hotel particularly providing the Iftar or Berbuka Buffet during Ramadhan. Currently, the certified Halal Hotel Restaurant are Carousel at Royal Scotts Hotel, The Straits Kitchen at Hyatt Hotel and the latest addition is Tiffany at Furama@Eu Tong San.

Kintamani Restaurant located at Furam@Riverfront is also halal. But they are a separate entity from the hotel management, thus we cannot categorised it as Halal Hotel Restaurant. Anyway, they do provide buffet breakfasting during this Ramadhan.

Each of the hotels restaurant have a facilities for diners to do their solat at the hotel premises.

Here are some reviews on the iftar for the 3 restaurants.

Carousel @ Royal Scotts
Carousel has been a popular spot for halal eateries to the Muslim. It is the first halal Restaurant in a hotel premises. They had revamped the restaurant and rebranding the name from Cafe Vienna to Carousel in 2007. The spreads of buffet ranges from Eastern to Western Food. The ambience is better now and the restaurant had bigger capacity to accomadate the increasing number of Halal seekers diners. The desserts is not to be missed items of the food spread. You have to experience dinning at the premises itself in order to appreciate it. The surau for praying is located on the second floor near the restroom. It is on the right staircase when you are facing the reception area.

The Straits Kithen @ Hyatt
Another hotels that can see the potential of the halal makan is Hyatt. It is situated opposite the Royal@Scott. Here the Halal food is more of the hawkers fare that you can get at any foodcourt or hawkers centre. The specialities differs by the ambience and you got to see the chefs preparing your food while you enjoying the halal food spread. Their peranakan dishes is astonished. You could see how skillful the chefs are when whipping the dishes. Something to enjoy looking at if your dinning partner or group is quite a boring sort. The surau for praying is a little bit difficult to locate. You can asked the Muslim staff there for direction. They will always be willing to show you the way.

Tiffany @ Furama Hotel@Eu Tong San
Furama hotel at Eu Tong San started to initiate Halal Restaurant at their premises fully knowing that the market pie of Halal Makan is a huge pie to be shared. Tiffany however, is not so popular as Carousel or Strait Kitchen due to it infancy and lack of marketing part from the hotel. I had the privileged to try their dinner after a close friend keep giving recommendation on how good is their food and how it was reasonably price compare to Carousel and Strait Kitchen. Their spread of Halal food are very good. They have DIY corner for you to prepare your own Kuih Paitee or Popiah. Ambience wise as for me is much better than Straits Kitchen if you want to have a quiet dinner with a group of friends. The surau is on the same level. It is locked when I wanted to do my Maghrib prayer. You can ask the staff to open the room for you if you want to do your prayer. Perhaps during this Ramadhan, the surau is being open without asking due to the number of diners breaking their fast there.

Selamat Berbuka.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Halal Makan Singapore

Welcome to my blog - Halal Makan Singapore.
Singapore is a small island in the Asia Pacific Region. The races that lived in Singapore comprises of ethnic group of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian. Singaporean favourite passtime is Makan. Makan is a malay word which was widely use in Singapore.

Halal is a word from Arabic which translate into Permissable. Majority of Malays in Singapore embrace Islam as their religion. With vast inter racial marriage, there are other races like Chinese and Indian married to a Malay and embrace Islam to be their religion. With Singapore adopting foreign talents and visitors from all over the world, serving Halal food in such big event become a must.
Halal food market in Singapore had gradually been a good business niche. A lot of food industries that provide halal certificed product had reported increase in their sale.
This blog will serve as a guide on Halal Makan place in Singapore so that Singaporean, be it a Malay Muslim, Chinese, Indian or other races have some ideas on where to dine or bring their muslim friend for good Halal Makan for casual dinner or that special celebration.
Feel free to link this blog to your blog and do come back for more update.